Manuals & Standards

Accepted Industry Practice for Industrial Duct Construction

This guide is a compilation of accepted industry practices and construction techniques having received wide acceptance for the fabrication and installation of industrial duct systems. Covers round (long-seamed and spiral) duct from 4 in. to 60 in. in diameter, reinforced or unreinforced, for operation from 4 in. to 20 in. wg positive or negative pressure, and from ambient to 650° F for carbon or stainless steel, 440° F for galvanized steel, and 120° F for aluminum.

310 pages, 2nd Ed., 2008

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Accepted Industry Practices for Sheet Metal Lagging

Providing numerous examples of sheet metal lagging applications, this publication assists the designer, contractor and plant engineer in understanding and solving the complexities involved in the design, fabrication and installation of sheet metal lagging systems. It presents accepted industrial practices for the application of sheet metal lagging to industrial duct, pipe, tanks, boilers, furnaces and other accessories.

128 pages, 1st Ed., 2002

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Architectural Sheet Metal Inspection Guide

An invaluable inspection resource for owners of standing seam, batten seam, or Bermuda-type roofs. Presents practical troubleshooting and corrective tips for typical problems of roof panels, gutters, downspouts, fascia, copings, flashing, ridges and hips, valleys, expansion joints, penetrations, fasteners and soldering. Also provides relevant information regarding construction of these architectural elements, the purpose of each, as well as what to look for during periodic inspections.

52 pages, 1st Ed., 2004

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